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Life of a ‘social’ite in 2010!

Posted by Karan On February - 10 - 2010

This is how I imagine the life of a (frustrated) ‘social’ite in 2010:

” Just reached the hotel room. “



  • Buzz ..done!
  • Twitter.. done!
  • Facebook..done!
  • Latitude..updated with location
  • Foursquare..checked in, badge unlocked
  • Flickr..Hotel photo added
  • Gowalla..stamped
  • Jaiku.. not connecting.. don’t care
  • Wave’d family about arrival..

All done.. ♫♫ Time to relax.. ♫♫

… 2 minutes later…

Oh shit! Oh shit! I forgot to update my LinkedIn status.  How will my professional contacts know which hotel I am staying in?? Fkkkkkkkkk!

What are we getting ourselves into?

Are we expected to spend our remaining life updating everyone about our ‘status’ so that they know what we are up to every second? Really, is that what we want?

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