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  1. While reading an article on Forbes India, I came across this controversial statement: “Facebook has more followers than Buddha” and it got me thinking. and thinking. and thinking.
  2. When you ask most people what is it they use the most in their life? the answer will most commonly be Google!

So starting with these two statements as a base, lets get started.

How do we define religion? According to Wiktionary - The top three definitions of religion are:

1. “A collection of practices, based on beliefs and teachings that are highly valued”

2. “Any practice that someone or some group is seriously devoted to.”

3. “Any ongoing practice one engages in, in order to shape their character or improve traits of their personality.”

Now, let’s go back to Google. Which one of the above three definitions applies to Google?

Did I just hear you say all? Yes, all it is!

Coming back to the statement: “Facebook has more followers than Buddha”. Ok, agreed. In that case, what should we say about Google?

Google probably has the most users in the world. People ‘practise’ Google. People are more devoted to Google than anything else in the internet world. Google rules our lives.

  • It started G.mail when it wanted to change the way we mail.
  • It started G.Talk when it wanted to change the way we chat.
  • It started G.Maps when it wanted to change the way we travel.
  • It started G.Video / bought YouTube when it wanted to change what we see.
  • It started G.Wave when it wanted to change the way we communicate.

Essentially, it has the power to change our way of lives. It has the power to change us! So, can we call it the Almighty Google?

  • Start praying when Google is down?
  • Start fasting when Google is down for more than an hour?
  • Start protesting and burning effigies of the Chinese Government when they threaten to ban Google?
  • Every Sunday, visit Picassa and upload all our sins of the week in the hope that we may be forgiven?

Oh, what am I getting at?


  1. Karan says:

    Please comment. Note that all references to religion are in the internet world only. No offense to yours!

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