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Being Smart ain’t enough anymore!

Posted by Karan On October - 28 - 2009

There was a time (many many years ago!) when being ‘smart’ could earn you that ‘big’ job (read CEO).  It could earn you all the money you wanted, all the success you ever needed. Life was supposedly good. And then came the bummer. You got to be ‘social’!

Getting the ‘big’ job (again read CEO), the money, the success, all became significantly dependent on who you knew, how good your network was, you’re social presence (aka visibility) and so on.

Now compare this to the evolution of your beloved cellular phones!

The cellular phones (For some reason, the Germans like to call them ‘handy’! ’) first became ‘smart’ when Symbian entered our lives. Wikipedia will probably tell you something else but I still stand by the fact that the Symbian OS really triggered the beginning of the ‘smartphone’. Read the rest of this entry »

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