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Posted by Karan On June - 10 - 2009

I recently came across a very intelligent web app from a startup in Netherlands. Thymer is a web based project management and task planning tool which makes this usually dull chore into an interesting and simple activity. The whole concept revolves around using a flexible and less complicated intuitive system where tasks can be added from multiple commonly used sources such as email, twitter or simply using the web interface.

This currently invite-only beta version has impressed me more than any other web application in the last couple of months. The simplistic yet highly functional interface is very easy to use yet so powerful. Give it a shot and I am sure you’ll love it! DM me on twitter if you need an invite.

Coming Soon!

Posted by Karan On June - 1 - 2009

comingsoonI finally managed to find the time to move to WordPress. Joomla was good but performance issues with my previous host and a not-so-great UI finally tilted me in WP’s favour. As of now the performance is pretty good and I am happy with the more user-friendly blogging capabities offered by WP.

Now that the foundation is in place, the posts will follow. A lot to come! Stay tuned.

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